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5 Really Cool Resources on the Brocade VCS Gateway for NSX

by Patric.Chang on ‎08-30-2013 03:46 AM - last edited on ‎10-28-2013 01:25 PM by bcm1 (3,436 Views)

Brocade launched the Brocade VCS Gateway for NSX at VMworld this week. For those who are considering NSX, here are 5 resources that will help you see why Brad Hedlund said, “Brocade VCS is awesome” and “cool”.




First, take a look at this cool demo. This demo illustrates how you can unite the physical with the virtual by using the Brocade VCS Gateway to bridge a client and application server on the virtual network to a database server and image library on a NAS storage on the physical network.


Second, take a look at the joint Brocade VMware solution brief for an overview of the benefits and components of the solution.


In the opening keynote, when asked to give one key takeaway about using NSX, one of the guests, Greg Lavender, CTO for Cloud Architectures at Citi provided the following comments: “look at the application workloads“; “provide your physical infrastructure ... so that physical and virtual can support each other”; “carefully plan the manageability”; and how “you leverage the virtual overlay to connect the virtual compute and the virtual volume.”.


So third, for a baseline on what Greg is referring to, read Sandeep Singh Kohli’s blog, “Network Virtualization in Data Centers: When the rubber meets the road!” This looks at the characteristics of workloads in the data center, the role of the gateway when customers introduce an NSX controller and the benefits they can derived when utilizing Brocade VCS Technology with the overlay network.


Fourth, for a business perspective, take a look at this video with Hatem Naguib, VMware VP of Networking and Security. Hatem covers the benefits of the solution to customers and the partnership between Brocade and VMware.


Fifth, check this out – a VMworld TV Exclusive video that gives you a peek of the passion in the team at Brocade that brought you the VCS gateway for NSX.


Finally, check out the session by Chip Copper and Deepak Patil when this is published by the VMworld organizers. It is entitled: “Advanced Network Designs for Data Center Transformation” (NET6091). This provides a great blueprint on the needs for a modern network and illustrates how Brocade’s data center networking is such a powerful enabler for customers seeking to derive the benefits of the On-Demand or Software-Defined Data Center.