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Data Center

1100 Customers Can't Be Wrong

by lcaywood on ‎10-26-2013 05:11 AM (4,067 Views)

It’s been a bit quiet on the fabric front lately, what with all the hoopla around SDN. But there are different kinds of quiet. There’s “nothing going on” quiet. There’s “lots of secret stuff going on” quiet. And there’s “just busy getting stuff done” quiet. With ourannouncement today, it should be pretty clear that as far as our customers are concerned, it’s the last one.


This isn’t dramatic “I’ve redone my entire data center!” stuff. That’s kind of the point, in fact. Fabrics don’t represent a grand departure from current norms in terms of skill sets, org charts, or other exciting and scary career-changing things. They just make life for operators a lot easier, and their networks a lot more flexible.


I was going through a pile of customer win analyses last week, and many of the recurring themes for VCS should look awfully familiar.


  • Low latency
  • Automation and ease of use
  • Automatic migration of port profiles and vCenter integration


In addition, cloud providers—private cloud, hosted, and public—were particularly interested in the elasticity of VCS: the fact that you can add and remove nodes easily and non-disruptively, but also the financial aspects we offer: our Ports on Demand licensing, and in several cases, Brocade Network Subscription.


The automation alone is also worth time and money to operators; 20% annual TCO savings is a common number reported. In addition, several customers reported to Forrester that


“…it would be difficult to significantly scale up their legacy networks without increasing their operations support staff overhead. Although the companies used sophisticated systems management tools, they were seeking ways to lower their network support burden.”


These same qualities were reported by customers to Gartner, who ultimately commented,


The vendor should be considered for the shortlists of all data center network infrastructures and large cloud providers.”


Thanks to our 1100+ VDX customers who have trusted us with their evolving data center networks.