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What is the Brocade Accredited Physical Security Specialist?

by on ‎03-01-2013 06:02 AM (391 Views)

Brocade University has added a new IP credential, Brocade Accredited Physical Security Specialist. This new credential covers an introduction to the LAN concepts, networking fundamentals, and other networking considerations as they relate to installing a video surveillance system. It covers these objectives:

Ethernet Fundamentals

  • Identify switch layout and basic switch concepts
  • Identify device discovery protocols
  • Describe the features of a cabling infrastructure

Product Administration

  • Identify Brocade CLI commands and switch layouts

Ethernet and IP Network Concepts

  • Describe the use of Link Aggregation Groups
  • Describe the use of VLANs
  • Identify uses for QoS, PoE and multicast
  • Demonstrate knowledge of IP routing concepts

Physical Security Applications

  • Identify Brocade physical security products and solutions

This is a baseline exam, and has a corresponding free non-narrated, web-based training course, PSS 130 Implementing Physical IP Networking Solutions. It is designed to provide what you need to know and what to expect, from opening the box, to installation of the products to support a video surveillance system. You may enroll for the course here. To schedule the exam, visit our page on the Kryterion site.