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Passed BCVRE Cert Test

It was harder than I expected.  I don't have any previous network certs, so this is the first.  The first few questions were on a area that I hadn't studied too well and were pretty hard to begin with.  So I thought I was doomed but I rallied and passed. 


I thought the matching questions where you match the answer with  the question where not implemented very well.  Once you perform the match, you can't see the two side by side so it's hard to review.  I would suggest that the format/implementation of those be changed.


Went through the tutorials twice, reviewed the Nutshell and quick reference guides and worked with the free trial and implemented most of the scenarios.  Spent about 30 hours in total.


Make sure you know your show commands!


Thanks Brocade.




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Re: Passed BCVRE Cert Test

Congratulations on passing the BCVRE exam!  You certainly put in a good amount of study time.  We will check the matching question on the exam and how it is displaying. Thank you for bringing it to our attention!


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