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New to the Brocade world.

Looking to become certified with brocade network devices.I am completely new to brocade device.I have a cisco background so i understand networking.I just dont have a clue about the brocade sector.So far to me brocade seems to be the future.I just dont know which route as far as cert to go for with brocade.I would like to do routing and swicthing.But honestly i dont know which brocade cert is which or the structure.I am sure its different from cisco.

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Re: New to the Brocade world.

Hi there! For switching and routing I would recommend looking into the Brocade Professional IP Administrator (BPIPA) certification. You can read all about that one here: http://www.brocade.com/en/education/certification/brocade-professional-ip-administrator.html


If you're looking for training leading up to that exam, I would recommend starting with Brocade Networking Industry Protocols (NIP 200-ILT); http://www.brocade.com/en/education/courses/brocade-network-industry-protocol-training.html 


then take the recommended certification prerequisite course called Brocade Professional IP Administrator (BPIPA 200-ILT): 


Both of these courses are instructor-led classes, but you can also take them virtually (similar to an online meeting with a live instructor and other students accessing the class remotely). The BPIPA 200-ILT course includes hands-on labs as well, which is very helpful.


If you're not sure whether you need to take the Network Protocols training (NIP 200-ILT) because of your prior experience, you can take a free assessment here, which will help you gauge your knowledge before jumping into the class: https://brocade.csod.com/LMS/LoDetails/DetailsLo.aspx?loid=e517f465-432c-4c7a-a223-8b485d5305ec#t=1


And lastly, if you have more questions that I haven't answered above, you can read over the FAQs for NIP and BPIPA:


Thanks a bunch, and great questions :-)

Paul and team

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Re: New to the Brocade world.

what would a good start for putting together a brocade lab

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Re: New to the Brocade world.

Go to:  http://brocade.bigmachines.com

Here you can check out Brocade's portfolio and routing and switching functionality.

I hope that helps?


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