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Meet Terry Henry: The First Brocade Distinguished Architect

by on ‎02-07-2011 09:00 AM (981 Views)


Terry Henry is an IP Systems Engineer for Brocade, with a specialty in VDX subject matter, based out of Florida. He was a Foundry Networks employee and now as part of Brocade he has a combined 10 years of service. On January 7th, Terry had the distinction of becoming the very first Brocade Distinguished Architect. His tale is one of extreme dedication. Terry set his sights on the BDA ever since we first announced it, but accelerated his progress over 2010. When the final exam to complete the requirements, the Brocade Accredited FICON Specialist went live on 1/7/11, Terry awoke at 3 AM EST (GMT -5), to ensure he would be the first to take that exam, and then, become the very first to complete all of the BDA requirements. His strategy paid off, as he passed the BAFS exam, qualifying him as a BDA. When asked why become a Brocade Distinguished Architect, Terry replied, “many individuals can claim expertise in a single discipline on Ethernet, SAN FC storage or FICON but few can pull all the pieces together to create a unified solution. With IP networks and storage beginning to converge into a single infrastructure, the ability to understand, design, and deploy all technologies becomes even more desirable.” He figured he spent over 1000 hours training and exam preparation to reach his goal. His approach was simple yet effective, “the Brocade online self paced training courses are critical. With hectic work schedules and travel budgets being slashed everywhere, it is often difficult to attend a course in person, however the ability to work on your own schedule and pace allowed me to study when I could. The Nutshell study guides available for free from Brocade are excellent tools to give a compact version of the important exam materials, that you can carry with you and study whenever you have a few minutes to spare.” As for advice Terry has for other candidates, “use the Nutshell guides, the sample tests, and the more hands on you can get, the more confident you will be.” Terry was born in Toronto, and moved his family to Florida for the climate change. In his spare time, he enjoys wildlife photography, golf and martial arts.


Terry is joined by two other recent Brocade Distinguished Architects, Timo Erma, a Systems Engineer out of Finland, and Wes Medley, a Systems Engineering Manager out of Virginia.