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Hemant Panda's Journey Towards Distinguished SNIA Expert

by on ‎01-16-2013 07:31 AM (972 Views)

Brocade and the Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA) are certification partners. We accept some of SNIA's certifications as electives, and they accept our BCEFE on their vendor elective list. SNIA's top credential, their Distinguished SNIA Expert, requires passing three SNIA vendor-neutral Certifications in addition to one or more of their SNIA Certification Partner vendor credentials. Hemant Panda, one of our SEs in India, has been working towards building his Fibre Channel and SAN knowledge, throughout his career at Brocade. He recently achieved his goal of becoming a Distinguished SNIA Expert. Brocade University asked him to highlight his journey, and we congratulate him on his efforts and quest to fortify his skills.


"When I started my SAN career 9 years before, I was thinking that is it a good career path I have chosen. But when I grew up gradually in a huge banking Enterprise class SAN environment DC and got experiences, I came to know this is a job, where one needs to be highly technically skilled having the knowledge of different  hardware, networking, different operating systems, back up, data base, application, design of FC SAN, RAID concepts, disk I/O technology, BCP and DR etc. SNIA gave me all these. As a SAN guy you need to be cautious because you are taking care of data.


The most important part is FC SAN concepts and design which Brocade gave me. I went on studying all these subjects and one by one I started appearing for exams because without exam your study is incomplete. I have a focus and a choice. My focus is on FC technology and my choice is Brocade. I would like to spread the message that if you have the best storage and if you have the best server, it should be the best SAN switch in the middle where these servers and storage are connected, and who else other than Brocade can provide the best SAN switch in the DC world.


One thing to remember, always take care of the SAN switches of the SAN fabrics , or else if you once started getting problem in the SAN fabric,  you will have to spend sleepless nights. I have always taken care of these and  now I feel proud to have the following certifications in my hand :

BCAF, BCFA(16G), BCFP(4 & 16G), BCSD, BCFD, BCSM(4G & 8G), SCSA-9, ITIL-V3(F), Certified CompTIA Storage+ powered by SNIA, SNIA Certified Storage Architect, SNIA Certified Storage Engineer, SNIA Certified Storage Networking Expert, and finally, Distinguished SNIA Expert.


It was my dream to see my name in the honor list of SNIA i.e. SCSN-E Worldwide High Achievers; the Distinguished SNIA Experts. My dream came true when I became the only Brocade employee to achieve this. I am proud to be a Brocade employee."


Hemant Panda

SAN SE-Brocade India, SAARC & SEA