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Help on BCLE and BCVRE

Hello Joe,


We are distributors for IP Switching portfolio in India. Recently, I completed my BCNE. Now, I am going in for BCLE and BCVRE certifications, a few days apart.


Can you please let me know about the breakup of the questions for both the above mentioned courses? Also, can you guide me on the study guides, which I should thoroughly go through, which can assist me in clearing the exams?


Additionally, as we are the distributors, so are we entitled to any kind of discounts, or appearing for the exams without payment, etc?


Awaiting your response as soon as possible.


Thanks in advance.

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Re: Help on BCLE and BCVRE

[ Edited ]

Hi there, Joe left Brocade in August however I may be able to assist you. Information is available on for both exams here:


BCLE Overview:

BCLE Nutshell Guide:


BCvRE Overview:

BCvRE Nutshell Guide:


The only promotion running for Certification right now is 10% off your exam registration fees using the promo code "video2014". No other discounts or vouchers are currently available.


Lastly, we have a new Certification Manager, Claudia Needham. Because she is new to the company, her knowledge of existing exams may be a little limited at the moment, however she will be able to answer questions for you about the program and any new certifications going forward.


I hope this answers all of your questions, and if not please let me know.


Thanks very much,


Paul Zahradka

Technical Content Developer
Brocade Education

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