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Emulators for Brocade

Anyone has come across any  platform emulators for netiron/fastiron images. I am having hard time in  preparing for BCNE exam without such emulators. All other vendors  provide their version of emulators(Cisco has GNS3 and IOU, Juniper has  some internet facing sandbox/GNS3/vmware images/JUNOShere) except for  Brocade. It makes very hard to prepare and get hands on configuration  practice for BCNE. Brocade made this certification very rewarding and  provides good preparation material with CNE-250, CNE200, ETH 101,102 and  103 but it will only generate not qualified engineers who does not have  good experience on Brocade CLI. Getting emulators available to public  will create more interest in people about Brocade and thus may increase  sales.

I  know someone would reply to this post and say "contact your Brocade  SE/AM to get access to real Brocade device" but hey what about someone  who is not working or managing Brocade based network or an  university/college students who does not have access to any Brocade  deivce whatsoever and wanted to learn about Brocade CLI and get some  hands on, there is no options available.

I  tried my best to emulate Netiron CES images on gns3 or qemu etc but  none of it supports Brocade. If anyone get sucess in emulating Brocade  switches/rotuers please SHARE.

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