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Dr. Jens Mahnke, Training Partner and New BDA

by on ‎02-22-2013 06:44 AM (357 Views)

I started my personal Brocade certification program with the BCSD in 2005. Just before Christmas last year, I received the message that I had passed the beta exam for the BCEFE, which was the last brick missing in my long path to the BDA. To some extent, it is part of my job to acquire certifications. I am working as an instructor for ExperTeach, the German ATP of Brocade. So you can say that I am used to passing tests and acquiring certifications, but becoming a BDA makes me really proud of being part of such an exclusive community. My BDA plaque arrived a few weeks ago and has a nice place on the board behind my office desk.

My job gives me the position to become very familiar with the material for Brocade training classes. And what I have come to understand over all these years is that Brocade classes enable you to obtain a better understanding of the protocols and products. The focus is on the know-how. From my viewpoint, this is how acquiring a certification should work. Combining the knowledge with practical experience gives you the perfect preparation to go for an exam. Maintaining the materials on this quality level is a lot of work for the content developers, so I really appreciate the excellent job they are doing. I also find it very valuable that Brocade is offering the Nutshell documents with the important extract of the classes.

I got a lot of positive feedback from customers, partners, and colleagues for acquiring the BDA. And I like to share this here, because this would not have been possible without the support over the past years which I received from the certification and training team at Brocade. So, thanks to all and keep it up.