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Comments from a New BCEFP

by on ‎12-07-2012 04:31 PM (597 Views)

This was sent to us my Martijn Schmidt, who just obtained his BCEFP, and works at Interactive 3D in The Netherlands.


Just over one year ago I was still a biology student at the Radboud Universiteit in The Netherlands, and had never touched a managed switch in my life or gotten any IT related education. I had experience with Linux as a hobby, and full-time low-level tech at i3D was my first professional IT job (mostly assembling servers, installing operating systems, the real basic work).


With help from Stefan I., I learned to use the Dell PowerConnect 5548, taught myself how to use the VDX 6720 Ethernet fabric we run as aggregation, learned load balancing on the Brocade ServerIron XL with the BCLE study materials, then gained my BCNE certification after a course at ALuP-IT, and now around one month ago I started managing/configuring BigIron RX, NetIron XMR, NetIron MLX-e, and NetIron CER routers together with (again) Stefan. Most recently we visited Munich for the ETH640 MPLS course, taught by Rainer Weihrauch of ALuP-IT.


And now I can add BCEFP to the list. :-)


A very big part of my current knowledge/skills come from the Brocade certifications, for which I want to thank you and the others who compile these courses. Look at it as the final proof of how well laid out they are!