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By Marcel Huth: The Benefits of Becoming a BDA

by on ‎01-03-2013 03:46 AM (625 Views)

This was sent to us by Marcel Huth, a SAN Systems Engineer from Neu-Isenburg, Germany, who recently became a Brocade Distinguished Architect.

Brocade Distinguished Architect - Brocade's highest credential. Achieving it made me really a little proud. But, what does it mean and what benefits do you have going for becoming BDA? Well, I'm personally not someone who hunts for certificates. I always try to achieve things like accreditations and certificates that I need for my job and for developing skills I can use for my practical work. Going that way I took the CFP 300 course in 2009, when I started working for Brocade. I liked the way the class content was delivered with a lot of practical exercises which were really helpful for everyday work – every student gets an own, physical environment where you can test, screw up and fix things beside the official training plan. After the course I took the BCFP exam. Even if taking the course before the exam is not mandatory, I would recommend visiting the class. Not because you cannot pass the exam without the course, but it is easier and you are really feeling more comfortable with the questions in the exams.

Over the years I did many other classes and certifications, always only those I really need for the job as SAN Systems Engineer within Brocade. As all of you will know there is not always the time to visit a 3-day class when in your everyday life. Often I used the Web-based Training classes to extend my knowledge, which are very good in my opinion. The point is it is quite cool to own the BDA credential, but the benefits you’ll get out of the classes with all the practical experience - that is what is really useful when dealing with Brocade devices in your work environment. After passing the exams the Brocade Distinguished Architect credential is the icing on the cake, makes your hard work visible to others and, of course, makes you a little proud.

on ‎01-03-2013 04:48 AM

Hi Marcel,

Respect and Congratulation for passing BDA.