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BPIPA Training

Will there be other options for training other than live/virtual classes? Book? CBT or other self paced training available from Brocade's Education portal? If so when?

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Re: BPIPA Training

I am interested in this too.  I haven't been able to find anything using my typical search engines.  I don't see anything geared explicatedly to this certification on the Brocade training portal either.  I have to prepare for these certifications using my own resources and I am not willing or able to pay for $2400 course.

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Re: BPIPA Training

Hi there, thanks so much for reaching out for information. Due to the depth and breadth of the content as well as the length of the training itself, it's necessary that we present the course through a live instructor. There are some important labs which would not be possible through web-based training alone, and our instructors can more effectively gauge learners' progress and understanding of the content to ensure people are well prepared for the exam.


With that said however, there are several options for self-study. On the BPIPA exam page next to the orange, "Register Now" button are links to the study guide and a practice exam which will help you ascertain where any knowledge gaps may exist. As you scroll down the BPIPA exam page, you'll also find a detailed list of exam topics and objectives.


Lastly, the NSPP assessment is a free network standards and protocols self-assessment which allows you to test yourself on the protocols and standards that are the foundations for the BPIPA exam. For information on all of the options I discussed above and more, you can read through or download the BPIPA Frequently Asked Questions pdf.


If you have further questions, please reach out to


Thanks a bunch,


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