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BCNP Study Material

Hello All, I'm new to the community and wanted to ask if anyone could direct me to some free BCNP study material.  I have already downloaded the BCNP in a nutshell guide, but it doesn't seem like it is enough to pass this test?  Is it? 


I finished up my CCNP about a month and a half ago, and I already have a CCNA and a BCNE.  The BCNE was pretty easy since I had taken my CCNA before it, but I'm afraid the BCNP won't be that forgiving.  Could anyone provide any insight or direct to resources to study?



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Re: BCNP Study Material


could you refer me some document for the BCNE since you have passed it already?



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Re: BCNP Study Material

In this community are the BCNE practice questions. Search on BCNE and you will find them. There is also the BCNE Nutshell guide, found at the bottom of the Education page on Brocade.com. Look on this page for links to all of the study material, including the IP Primer: http://www.brocade.com/education/certification-accreditation/certified-network-engineer/curriculum.page


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Re: BCNP Study Material

I found this link very useful. It is for both BCNE and BCNP. Joe can verify how updated it is, but in any case the documentation was very good.


BCNE & BCNP 2012 Exams - Extended Study Material



*Joe thanks to your help I passed today the BCNE exam. I will definitely have a look at the BCNP curriculum.


Good luck Frank and Reginald with your exams.

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Re: BCNP Study Material



I am unable to download IP Primer document from the above page.


I am getting "Page not found". Can you please update us the correct link?



Ajith S

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