BCNE & BCNP 2012 Exams - Extended Study Material

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Use the materials listed, along with some suggested page numbers to help you prepare for your exams, after you have taken the training courses. All manuals and guides are attached to this document, except the Brocade IP Primer, which you may download from the hyperlink.


BCNE Exam Study Resources (page numbers are document page numbers, NOT the PDF page)

Brocade IP Primer

  • Pages 22-33,45-53,68,173,182,186-188,210,220,237-242,245,246,250-251,318

Brocade Optics Family Datasheet (GA-DS-1344-03)

Brocade 1860 Fabric Adapter Datasheet (GA-DS-1566-00)

Deploying Brocade FastIron-based PoE and PoE+ Solutions in the Campus Network (GA-SG-170-01)

  • Pages 5,12,13

Brocade FastIron v7.4 Configuration Guide (53-1002494-01)

  • Pages LV,21,24-28,37,46,76,80,82,97,115,149,179,192,236-362,421-436,500,514,535,540,671,674,700,729,733,806,832,924,969,970,986,1028,1160,1234-1236,1455-1457,1501,1510,1511,1649,1650,1699,1705,1707,1708,1715,1734,1742,1782,1830,1842,1955,1963.1972,1979,2657

Brocade MLX Series and Page NetIron Family Configuration Guide (53-1002372-02)

  • Pages 118,134,153,265,274,284,291,292,316,331,355,464,554,781-843,940,1080,1090,2622

Brocade FastIron, FCX, ICX, and TurboIron Diagnostic Reference 53-1002497-01

  • Pages 1,147,151,1241


Meet the BCNE Exam Developers




From the left, back row, standing:

John Schneider, Gene Dinkey, Steven Tong, Ron Boggio, Charles Ball, Jim Stella, Keith Wilkinson, Peter Reddy, Todd Cummings, Michael Selheim, Tam Kitchens, Michael Doyle.

In front: Joe Cannata, James Richter


BCNP Exam Study Resources (page numbers are document page numbers, NOT the PDF page)

Brocade IP Primer

  • Pages 207-210,241-244,249,250,318

Brocade FastIron v7.4 Configuration Guide (53-1002494-01)

  • Pages 61-64,89,112,157,312,317,342,355,357,423,506,535,537,577,608,622,668,670-676,737,769,785-788,805,806,810,812,814-816,847,875-877,1157-1160,1221,1241,1242,1246,1360,1362,1510,1525,1693,1734,1754,1771-1776,1826,1830,1851,1931,1936,1962,1965,1978,2459

Brocade MLX Series and NetIron Family Configuration Guide (53-1002544-02)

  • Pages 163,234,283,284,354,420,425,486,519,522,552,581,604,671,699,764,768,785,808,844,887-890,910,929,1034,1071,1074,1083,1089,1091,1098,1099,1119,1127,1148,1153,1231-1233,1237,1274,1275,1302,1304,1320-1324,1379,1380,1387,1482,1500,1767,1980,2029,2033,2044,2416,2478

Brocade Switch and Router Command Line Interface Guide

  • Chapter 6, Page 130; Chapter 21, Pages 12-15

Brocade Multi-Service IronWare Software Upgrade Guide

  • Chapter 2


Meet the BCNP Exam Developers



From the left, back row, standing:

Gerald Welch, Steve Brown, James Richter, Charles Ball, John Liddle, Peter Clark, Danny Caballes, Stan Vignier

From the left, second row: Tom Beggan, Ron Boggio, Peter Reddy, Tam Kitchens, James McGril

In front: Joe Cannata

by joemysterio
on ‎05-10-2016 03:19 PM

Can you still test for this exam? If not, what's the current equivalent?

by cneedham
on ‎05-11-2016 12:55 PM

The BCNE and BCNP exams were retired on 3/11/2016.  The exam that is now required to fufill the partner program requirements is the Brocade Professional IP Administrator 2016 (BPIPA). Before you take the BPIPA exam, you should take the Network Protocols and Standards Pre-assessment which is described in the requirements for Network Industry Protocols course (NIP 200).  Should you achieve an 85% or better on the Pre-assessment, that demonstrates you have mastery of industry standard protocols and are ready to take the BPIPA course (BPIPA 200). This FAQ document outlines the differences between the BCNE and the BPIPA as well as some updates around the Brocade Certification Program.


If you have further questions, please contact certification@brocade.com.