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BCNE 150-130 Success Story

Hi Guys,


I would like to share my recent BCNE exam success story. I passed BCNE 150-130 with the help of Brocade University.


I am new with Brocade networking. I am handling different network vendors for almost two years now. Originally, I graduated from a Cisco Networking Academy and more knowledgeable with Cisco commands when I am still a student. Yes! Changing a new path is a challenge for all, but it will be the perfect time to discover the different sides of the networking industry.


 I decided to choose Brocade to be one of the network vendors that I need to study. To be able to do that, I checked on the website and found out about the BCNE Certification. The Brocade Certified Network Engineer 2012 (BCNE) details can be found on this link:


The BCNE certification is more focused on Layer 2 and 3 topics which are more on basic Layer 2 operations like Spanning Tree and Switching and basic Layer 3 of IP Subnetting and basic routing. For us who are knowledgeable with network fundamentals, the BCNE exam will be very easy; all you need to is just to refresh what you have learned from the Cisco Networking Academy.


The good thing with Brocade is that they provide FREE study materials, yes! It is free. The study guide was named “BCNE in a Nutshell Study Guide 2012” which is around 2.7 MB in file size. You may check it on the lower portion of the same website on the given link above.


The nutshell contains the things you need to know on the exam, which includes product specific topics and propriety protocols like the VRRP-E which will also included on the exam. Another source of good information if you are new with Brocade products is their web training, one of these is CNE 200  which you can access on this link:



On this training, you will be taught on the Brocade products and their used on a data network. As well as using the Command Line Interface (CLI) of Brocade equipment and to perform basic troubleshooting of the device. To know more about the CNE 200, please check the Datasheet on this link:



Brocade Products Datasheets also became very useful in my preparation for the BCNE exam as they will inform you of the basic specifications and features of each device. You may find that information on this link:



It is important as a Network Engineer that we could be knowledgeable on different network vendors as well as operating them properly. And as part of the competitive market, we should be at least certified each network vendors that we handle. The BCNE is a certification that will boost the confidence of a Network Engineer to become more competitive and to become more valuable in the market.


I wish the best on your future endeavors and the success of your Brocade Certifications!

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