BCLP 2013 Beta Exam Objectives & Study Material

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Brocade Certified Layer 4-7 Professional 2013 Beta Exam

The Brocade Certified Layer 4-7 Professional 2013 exam will be going to beta in mid-May. The scheduled dates are from 5/14/2013 through 6/20/2013. The exam will last for 4 hours, and contain approximately 185 questions. There will be a maximum of 200 free beta exams delivered. Registrations will open 5/7/2013. The registration promo code (not voucher code) to get the exam for free will be BCLP2013Beta. The beta exam number will be 152-430. Register at the Pearson VUE website at http://www.pearsonvue.com/brocade/.

The exam results will be available in your Pearson VUE profile by July 24th, 2013, and a pass/fail letter, with no exam score will be mailed at that time. There will be no section breakdown. We have made our best attempt to ensure the accuracy of the pages cited below.

Exam Study Resources Attached (page numbers are document page numbers, NOT the PDF page number)

ServerIron ADX 12.5 Administration Guide 53-1002682-01

Pages 1,3,5,9,26,29,53,72,76,110,133,144,156

ServerIron ADX 12.5 Advanced Server Load Balancing Guide 53-1002683-01

Chapter 2, pages 40,59

ServerIron ADX 12.5 Firewall Load Balancing Guide 53-1002684-01

Pages 11-15, 17-19

ServerIron ADX 12.5 Global Server Load Balancing Guide 53-1002685-01

Chapter 1, page 94; Chapter 22 Page 25

ServerIron ADX 12.5 Multitenancy Guide 53-1002693-01

Pages 2-4,24,45

ServerIron ADX 12.5 NAT64 Configuration Guide 53-1002690-01

Page 1

ServerIron ADX 12.5 Security Guide 53-1002686-01

Pages 125,135-137,142-148,162-175

ServerIron ADX 12.5 Server Load Balancing Guide 53-1002687-01

Pages 22,29-36,45-51,56-59,65-67,70,77,78,88,92,104,127,161-167,173-180,201,203-209,214,225-231,235,239,252-258,292-309,314,315,320,336,


ServerIron ADX v2.0 ARB Admin Guide 53-1002509-01

Page 27

ServerIron ADX OpenScript Programmer's Guide 53-1002691-01

Pages 13-20

Best Practices for High Availability Deployment for the Brocade ADX Switch GA-BP-453-00

CLE 202 Course

Pages are in the CLE 202 PDF file

CLP 240 Course

Pages are in the CLP 240 PDF file

ADX-TS 300 Course

Pages are in the ADX-TS 300 PDF file

Meet the BCLP Exam Developers


Standing from the left: Gerald Welch, Nicole Bichon,Tim Braly, Paul Arnold, Dennis Mceachern, Omar Ochoa Salinas, Michael Doyle, Don Quinn, Ron Boggio, Anika Suri, Rajeev Singh. In front: Huzefa Amreliwala, Joe Cannata.

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Best Of Luck to Everyone.... Who will be taking the exam....

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Hi, is this reference correct?

ServerIron ADX 12.5 Global Server Load Balancing Guide 53-1002685-01

Chapter 1, page 94; Chapter 22 Page 25