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BCLE and BCLP Materials

Dear All,

I'm looking for BCLE and BCLP materials. I found some material on this website ( http://www.brocade.com/education/certification-accreditation/index.page ) They are just Nutshell but other material such training material (.ppt, .pdf) is not available on the internet. If you guys have related material please share I'll thank you so muchhhh : )

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Re: BCLE and BCLP Materials

Just a reminder, that use of study guides from the internet not sanctioned by Brocade is a violation of the terms and conditions of the program. I would suggest enrolling in the classes, since we do not approve of reproduction and distribution of our training materials either. The idea of becoming certified is not just to pass an exam, but to have the complete skill set required, which also includes some hands-on time.

Joe Cannata

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Re: BCLE and BCLP Materials

I found the BCLE and BCLP nutshell and assessments to be enough to pass the exams.  That is what I used to study and did just fine.   I actually passed the BCLP a few hours ago which completed the Internetworking Track for me.  I found that having a routing/switching background helped for that exam.  Unforunately, not everyone works in an environment where they might have an ADX to use to prepare.  I know I did not have one.  All I could advise would be to use what I mentioned above.  If training is an option available to you, sign up, whether it be instructor led, virtual, or web based.  Any of those routes are sure to help you prepare. 

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Re: BCLE and BCLP Materials

The Nutshell is key.  I also took the two ILT courses.  I was surprised how specific some of the questions were, especially on the BLCP.

If I were doing it again, i'd start with the Nutshell and then use user guides/config guides, etc.. to understand the commands and parameters better.

Good luck!

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Re: BCLE and BCLP Materials



Is there any voucher available for BCLE and BCLP?Please share it to me.

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Re: BCLE and BCLP Materials

Currently there are no promotions for the BCLE and BCLP exams.


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