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BCLE/BCLP changes?

Hello, are there any changes to the BCLE certification with the upgrade to BCLP2013 at the end of this month?  I've found some information online stating that BCLE will be completely retired, but I can't seem to confirm that information on Brocade's site.  I've attended CLE202 and CLP240 and was studying for the BCLE, but now I'm debating whether to switch gears and go straight to the BCLP.  Is the nutshell guide still an accurate indication of readiness for the updated exam?



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Re: BCLE/BCLP changes?


The BCLP 2013 exam will not be going live for some time. As a result, the current BCLE and BCLP exams will remain, so feel free to apply the training you took and take the exams. The credentials will not expire, even when the new BCLP is available. The current Nutshell Guides do accurately reflect what is on both of those exams. Continue your study, and go for both, as they will count towards the Internetworking Track. Also make use of the free CLE 101-WBT and CLP 101-WBT practice exam questions. If you have any further questions, please feel to email me directly at Good luck on both exams.

Joe Cannata
Sr. Manager of Certification

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