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MY name is Vusie Ndzima, I am from South  Africa Johannesburg, I am very pleased and honoured to write to Brocade management.

I have developed an interest on Storage networking, I have been searching for the best certified qualification to this course, and when I came to brocade website, man I was taken, I do not want anything else other than brocade certification, I was fulfilled, in all my aspects, requirements and goals within the IT SAN sector , I would really hate myself if I do not position myself to obtain a brocade certification.

I have a Diploma in computer science, and PC Engineering, I was searching within myself as what should I specialize with, After Computer science I could choose whether I will specialize in programming, networking or IT support, after all these, I really find Networking the most interesting field to go, especially SAN.

Please advice and assist me with adequate information, as to what I need to do to study towards a brocade certification especially the BCFP one. Which I believe it is the most first certificate I will be required to do first before any one, I have downloaded the BCFP nutshell PDF, study guide, and I have downloaded a full up to 406 pages PDF files for BCSM, I have already began a self studying for the these two, my problem right now is that, I want to register for BCFP, but I do not understand very well how to attend the classes for CFP 270 ,271, which is said to take 3 days each , so how do I attend these course in South Africa Johannesburg , please help- I really want to be a south African Brocade certified, money is not a problem, the problem is that how do I get involved from here.

Please this goes to any one from Brocade management, help to become one of yours, you are the best in the IT Industry , my wish is register, study, pass the BCFP before the end of this year 2009.

Yours responds will be highly appreciated.

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I am the Certification Manager here at Brocade. I understand you have been given all the information you need by our excellent Operations staff for enrolling in the classes. Should you have any other questions about our certifications, or BCFP specifically, please contact me at Enjoy the classes and good luck on the exam.

Joe Cannata
Sr. Manager of Certification

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