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BCFD Gen 5 Exam #143-280 Practice Questions and more...

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Practice Questions

There are two PDFs at the bottom of the page. One has the questions and the other has the questions with correct answers, and explanations. Open the first one and answer the questions. Then see how you did by looking at the answers document.


BCFD Gen 5 Nutshell Guide

The BCFD Gen 5 quick study guide is targeted for those who have taken the CFD 200 course.



The BCFD Gen 5 exam contains 55 questions and lasts 90 minutes. To pass this exam you must achieve a score of 67% or better.



The Brocade Certified Fabric Designer Gen 5 exam has these objectives:


Pre-Design Data Gathering

  • Identify how to assess current and future SAN infrastructure requirements
  • Identify the information that must be captured for applications, servers, storage, and network devices to design a fabric
  • Given a scenario, gather requirements to design a fabric to meet Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

Design Assessment

  • Given a scenario, design a solution that meets the customer's requirements
  • Given a scenario, demonstrate knowledge of resiliency, redundancy, HA and locality
  • Given a scenario, describe the various documents required in the design process

Management and Monitoring Tools

  • Given a scenario, describe how to meet a specific monitoring requirement
  • Demonstrate knowledge of Brocade management tools

Hardware/Software Products and Features

  • Describe knowledge of connectivity for Brocade products
  • Given a scenario, describe Brocade hardware products and their purposes
  • Given a scenario, demonstrate knowledge of Brocade software features and purposes

Distance Solutions

  • Given availability, performance and distance requirements, design an appropriate long-distance solution using Fibre Channel
  • Given a specific set of requirements, design a SAN extension solution using FCIP

Performance Tuning and Optimization

  • Given a performance scenario, determine a solution
  • Describe strategies for maximizing throughput in a fabric using Brocade product features

Migration, Integration and Validation

  • Given a set of existing fabrics and network devices, determine a consolidation or upgrade plan that minimizes disruption
  • Given a scenario, develop a plan to validate a design


  • Identify requirements for restricting which switches/devices may join a fabric
  • Identify security features that restrict administrative access to a switch




FC 101 Introduction to Fibre Channel Concepts

CFA 200 Core Gen 5 SAN Administration

CFP 300 Advanced Gen 5 SAN Administration



CFD 200 Brocade Gen 5 SAN Design


Good luck!