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I just read the posting about Henry Terry being the First Brocade Distinguised Architect. Many congrats to him for hishard work. Here I am struggling to prepare for the BCFA.

Has anyone taken the BCFA exam recently (I mean within the last couple of months). Does it stick to the blueprints. Are all the questions straightforward or are there tricky questions. Is everything in the exam covered in the official 280 courseware material.

I am not interested in specific questions (please follow the NDA), rather your overall experience with the exam and any tips you felt were valuable in the  preparation. Yes I have gone thru the official guidelines and all that but still interested from those who have actually gone thru the real thing.

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Its been a while since I took the exam, this was in Dec of 2009 while it was still an Beta Exam.

I just went and took the exam based on experience.

If you have learned for BCFA (albeit by means of CFA280 or by experience on the job) you should be able te pass the exam.


you'll find a link to a free assesment to give you an idea of things to come.

It also gives you an oppertunity to figure out if you've which parts you've mastered and which need some more attention.

Best of luck

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Hi hr,

I have taken the exam one month ago. The nutshell material is good for the preparation but I got many questions which were not coverd by the materials.

Otherwise such tests were useless if the tests were too easy.

If you have configured some switches and read the admin guide from begin to end and back then it is possible to pass with success.

It is helpfull if you have configured all features on your own.

Be happy and look forward to get some tricky questions which make the test intresting.


I hope this helps,


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I took the exam at last years Brocade User Conference in Vegas.  I did the on-line training, studied the PDFs that come with that and did the nutshell review at the conference.  I passed the first time.  I didn't think any of the qeustions were tricky.  They were all pretty strait forward.  You do want to know the various models and different products along with FC theory and normal comamnds you would use in creating aliases and zoning.

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