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BCFA\P 143-410


Are there any resources regarding test preps that are available. I have checked MeasureUp which I use for Microsoft without success.   Thanks!

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Re: BCFA\P 143-410

Yes, we have a whole suite of various test pre materials, listed on the exam page for each exam on our website. Here is an example of the text on the BCFA exam page, Curriculum, Study Tools & Testing tab:

Suggested Curriculum

CFA 280 Introduction to Fibre Channel Administration  and Theory

Study Tools

BCFA In A Nutshell Virtual  Classroom Event (FREE)

The BCFA in a Nutshell Review Course  is a fast track, test prep course, for the BCFA Exam (143-410). This is  a 4-hour session which includes highlights from the CFP 280 class, test  preparation methodologies and open discussion on what to expect when  taking the exam. To see a schedule of upcoming events click here.

CFA 101-WBT BCFA Knowledge  Assessment (FREE)

This course is designed to check a  student's knowledge and skills against sample questions covering some of  the scope of the Brocade Certified Fabric Administrator (BCFA) Exam  (143-410). Learners will see multiple choice and multiple answer  questions, which mimic the look and feel of the actual BCFA exam. This  assessment will also help illustrate what students know, what they don't  know, and where each learner needs to spend more time studying to pass  the BCFA exam. The assessment contains and covers the broad spectrum of  topics that fall into the realm of the actual exam. Just like the real  exam, the topics will not be presented in any particular order. These  questions are for the sole purpose of study and review, and in no way  reflect specific test content.

BCFA in a Nutshell Study Guide  (FREE)

The BCFA quick study guide is targeted for those who  have attended the CFP 280 course. This self-study guide summarizes the  key topics on the Brocade Certified Fabric Administrator exam 143-410.  The guide may be downloaded at the bottom of this page.


Each  certification has a proctored test administered by Pearson VUE.
To  schedule a test visit the Pearson  VUE web site, or call.
The  cost to take a certification test is $150 USD per exam.

Please look around our website, which give you all of the information you need. If there are any other questions we have FAQs, or contact me directly at

Joe Cannata

Certification Program Manager

Joe Cannata
Sr. Manager of Certification

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