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BCEFP 2015 Beta Exam Information and Study Material

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Brocade Certified Ethernet Fabric Professional 2015 Beta Exam


The Brocade Certified Ethernet Fabric Professional 2015 beta exam will be live April 24th, 2014 and run through 6/2/2014. The exam will last for 4 hours, and contain approximately 180 questions. The cost of the exam will be $20 as per our new policy. We will have a maximum of 300 beta exams delivered, still with one attempt allowed per person. Registrations will open 4/17/2014. The registration promo code (not voucher code) to get the exam will be BCEFP2015Beta. The beta exam number will be 152-820. Register at the Pearson VUE website at


The exam results will be available in your Pearson VUE profile by June 26th, 2014, and a pass/fail letter, with no exam section breakdown or score will be mailed at that time. We have made our best attempt to ensure the accuracy of the pages cited below.


Exam Study Resources Attached (page numbers are document page numbers, NOT the PDF page number)


Network OS Administrator’s Guide v4.1.1 53-1003225-01

Pages 26-31,54-56,75-77,94,115,119,135-144,149,150,191,201-203,210,243-247,253,261,269,311-314,321,




Network OS Command Reference v4.1.1 53-1003226-01

Pages 299, 1258-1260,1266,1297,1317,1318


Network OS v4.1.1 Brocade VDX Release Notes

Pages 10,28,50


Network OS Software Licensing Guide v4.1 53-1003164-01

Pages 11-13


VDX 6740 Hardware Reference Manual 53-1002829-02

Page 1

VDX 8770-4 Hardware Reference Manual 53-1002563-03

Chapter 1, Page 1; Chapter 3, Page 32


VDX 8770-8 Hardware Reference Manual 53-1002564-03

Chapter 1, Page 1

VDX 6730 Hardware Reference Manual 53-1002389-06

Pages 1,2,15


Brocade VDX 8770 Switch Data Sheet GA-DS-1701-04


CFP2 Hardware Specification Draft Revision 0.3

Page 46


Additional attachments may be found below, due to system upload limitations


NOS Admin Guide 

VDX-TS 300 Course

CEF 300 Course Part I

CEF 300 Course Part II


Meet the BCEFP 2015 Developers

P1010041.jpgFrom the left: Todd Einck, Todd Buttweiler, Don Quinn, Todd Cummings, Kirk Wettschreck, Silviano Gaona, (hiding in the back) Paul Arnold, Jeremy Roach, Bob Smith, Terry Henry, Tim Braly, Dennis McEachern, Grey Murphy and in front Joe Cannata.

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On pearsonvue I can't schedule this exam and it says that it starts tomorrow the 18th.

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Ok, today it worked :)