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2013 Certification Survey Results

by on ‎07-23-2013 08:42 AM (851 Views)
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In June of 2013, we surveyed our entire certified base, to find out how our program is performing, perceived, and what value it brings. We had 1233 respondents, up 94% from last year, which was very impressive. You were asked many questions, to supplement the feedback we get directly or through social media. Your opinions and thoughts are very valuable to us. We sincerely appreciate those who took the time to complete the survey.


These results clearly demonstrate the value of Brocade training and certification. 


Key Takeaways

  • 98.4% said information learned in preparing for Brocade credentials is highly applicable to your job/work
  • 97.5% said training from Brocade University and the certification process impacted your knowledge of Brocade products and technologies
  • 71% said you reduced your support calls as a result of being Brocade Certified
  • 86% said the knowledge and experience required to pass Brocade exams helped you reduce the time to resolve incidents or support
  • 94% said the knowledge and experience required to pass Brocade exams has improved the overall quality and effectiveness of your network implementations
  • 93% said as a result of the knowledge and experience gained in the Brocade certification process, your support calls now are generally about more complicated issues
  • 97.1% said you would recommend the Brocade Certification Program to industry peers
  • 97.7% said as a result of being Brocade Certified you are likely to recommend the purchase of Brocade products/services to your organization
  • 66.2% said the knowledge required to pass Brocade exams helped close more business deals
  • 88% said your job performance improved as a result of being Brocade Certified


Geographical Breakdown


Employment Status


Value of a Brocade Credential


Performance Improvement


Social Media


We will take your feedback, evaluate it, and make any necessary changes to our program that we can. We truly appreciate you as customers of Brocade University and the Certification Program, and will continue to work harder to keep your loyalty, and offer you a challenging and rewarding experience.


Thank you from the Brocade Certification Program. Send any questions to Joe Cannata ( or post them here.