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2012 Certification Survey Results

by on ‎08-01-2012 07:07 AM (254 Views)

In June of 2012, we surveyed our entire certified base, to find out how our program is performing, perceived, and what value it brings.

  • Does being Brocade Certified have any meaning, or carry any weight?
  • Does it affect your career?
  • Does it make your job easier?
  • For those with a sales focus, does being Brocade Certified help you sell more?

These were some of the questions we asked. Our program gets occasional feedback, either through email or social media, but we wanted the full story from you directly. We made some evolutionary program changes in 2009 and waited for them to gain traction, so we felt in 2012 it was time to get a full 360° view. We sincerely thank all who participated and gave us valuable information and impressions.

Of the 537 respondents to the survey here are the demographics:

  • By geography: APAC 25%, EMEA 34%, Americas 41%
  • By audience: Employee 19%, Channel Partner 35%, End User 30%, OEM: 14%, Student 1%, Unemployed 1%

Major takeaways from the survey:

  • You saw the value in the Brocade Certification Program
  • 91% saw job improvement as a result of the training and certification process
  • 86% said Brocade training and certification has had a moderate to significant impact to their job
  • 68% said your support calls are now about higher-level issues
  • 40% saw an overall reduction in support calls
  • 58% saw the time to resolve incidents reduced as a result of  the training and certification process
  • 57% saw value in having an advanced certification
  • 58% where applicable, are closing more business deals because they have been Brocade Certified
  • 62% felt that our certifications do not need to expire
    • 54% believe this does not lower their value
    • 22% had no opinion

We will take your feedback, evaluate it, and make any necessary changes to our program that we can. We truly appreciate you as customers of Brocade University and the Certification Program, and will continue to work harder to keep your loyalty, and offer you a challenging and rewarding experience. Attached are the survey results in chart form. Please have a look at what everyone is thinking.