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143-085 BCFP Prerequisite

Dear Professionals,


I am planning to take up the Brocade Certified Fabric Professional Exam 143-085. As per the below link it shows that I need to undergo a training program to take up this certification.




I have worked all my years in Brocade Switching and SAN Administration, Just curious to know if it Is really mandotory to take up the above training in order to attempt for the Certification ?




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Re: 143-085 BCFP Prerequisite

Hello Menon,


Brocade does not require training prior to taking any exam. Brocade recommends the training that supports the exam. As you can see, the BCFP exam detail page gives lots of information - the exam blueprint, links to study materials and a practice exam. Good luck with your exam.


If you have any questions feel free to email



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