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Campus Networks

Why You Should Be Demanding More from Single-Vendor Solutions

by Mary Chen on ‎10-14-2015 10:00 AM (3,232 Views)

Two years ago, we formed an alliance with Aruba. It introduced our best-in-class integrated wired and wireless solution optimized for the LAN environment. The solution was designed to simplify implementation and management, providing a consistent experience no matter whether connected via wire or wirelessly.  It created a central control point for our customers to manage user and device access as well as monitor and manage their network infrastructure end-to-end, lowering the cost of troubleshooting and reducing time spent on network management.


Our champion customers like Levi’s Stadium, Kilgore College, and Isle of Wight College use our switches as the network infrastructure for powering and scaling their wireless networks to provide fast, reliable and secure connectivity. Our cooperative technical support with Aruba makes both teams easily accessible with a single phone call so that users can ask questions or raise issues and get answers in a timely manner.


The response has been overwhelmingly positive. That’s why we announced our Open Mobility Solutions Program and expanding our wireless partnerships with Aerohive Networks and Ruckus Wireless. We believe standards compliance is the right path to supporting wireless mobility in a rapidly advancing industry. To assure you that our campus networks will interoperate and scale with the wireless technology that meets your needs, we’ve completed 3rd-party certification testing with the leading wireless network vendors including Aruba, Aerohive and Ruckus.


Best-of-breed is the heart of this program. No single best wireless network solution is right for every environment. Customers should have the choice to implement the best technologies in wired and wireless networking. It is also important to recognize that solutions from a single vendor are usually not developed organically. In many cases, the vendor themselves have little experience in integrating their own wired and wireless products, and have different support teams to manage issues. The expected cost-savings from streamlined operations via a single vendor are not exactly true.


With that in mind, our joint development efforts with Aruba, Aerohive, and Ruckus are designed to deliver solutions that are simple and more cost efficient to operate. We help you streamline your operations by:

  • Simplifying Management and Security: We enable IT to use a single network management solution across the wired and wireless networks to gain deeper insights into the performance and security of their infrastructure. In addition, Network Access Control (NAC) features are integrated to provide a complete access management solution, ensuring the integrity of connected users and their devices.
  • Ensuring Operational Consistency: We are committed to supporting customer networks, no matter whose equipment and applications the customer runs over its network. You can access technical support for questions and problems through a single point of contact. Our support organizations are trained to work jointly to resolve any issues.
  • Anticipating Business Growth: We offer a single subscription that covers both the wireless and the wired network for maximum flexibility and simplicity. With Brocade Network Subscription, you have the option to pay for your network infrastructure as-a-service. This means you get what you need now, and get more in the future as your business needs grow and change. 

If you haven’t already, head over to our Open Mobility Solutions page to check it out.