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The 30 Years of Network Evolution, A Three-Part Blog. Part One: Disruption in Layer 1.

by Abdul Wahid on ‎07-15-2014 07:50 AM - last edited on ‎10-23-2014 01:03 PM by (3,907 Views)

1985 - Two great networking giants, Novel and 3 Com competing for dominance. Novel wins at last and people rushed Certified Novel Engineer (CNE) certification. Market was buzzing with Novel client-server solution. Novel had a protocol called IPX. Totally different from IP, however, suitable to run simple applications on network at that time. This protocol was based around RIP. Designing an IPX network required careful thought as collisions were impeding the performance of the network. This early generation of protocl was able to run on Thicknet (Some may know), thinnet (running on COAX).


Then Cabletron came in with their HUB concept where 10 MBS was shared by multiple devices. Again a Network designed around what was available at that time. Cabletron had the solution for both Thinnet and slowly introduce 10BaseT technology. Industry was buzzing with trainings, new technologies, disruption began to dismantle the Mainframe concept.


After Novel's success, 3Com conceded with Network Interface Cards and started the evolution with Etherntnet 2 NICs. Lot of terminologies were introduced such as DIX, CSMA/CD, ISO standards, OSI models, IPX address. IP was still lagging the market share. This was the first disruption in the Network Evolution in Local Area Networking (LAN).


Part two will focus on disruption in Layer 2 and Layer 3 coming soon.



Part Two

Part Three