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Striking Gold

by Michael Tennefoss on ‎10-10-2014 08:36 AM - last edited on ‎10-20-2014 09:25 AM by (3,314 Views)



Striking Gold

Michael Tennefoss

Aruba Networks, Inc.


In early 1848 James Marshall was hard at work building a mill for John Sutter at his ranch in Coloma, California, on the south fork of the American River. On January 28 he struck gold, literally, and by 1849 the area was crawling with fortune seekers.  They called themselves “argonauts,” inspired by the Greek myth about a band of heroes who joined Jason on his quest to find the Golden Fleece in Colchis, on the eastern coast of the Black Sea in present-day Georgia. We, of course, refer to these treasure hounds as 49ers.


As it’s want to do, history has just repeated itself and gold has again been found in northern California. This time right across the street from Brocade at the newly opened $1.18 billion Levi’s Stadium, home of the 49ers football franchise.


Every fan will strike gold when they fire up their smart phone or tablet on the stadium’s Wi-Fi network. With dual high-speed 40Gig pipes, a massive Brocade switching system, and Aruba 1.3Gbps 802.11ac Wi-Fi everywhere, the stadium is a tour de force of Silicon Valley networking and fan engagement technology.



SpeedTest results from Wi-Fi network inside Levi’s Stadium

(C) 2014 Mobile Sports Report, Stadium Tech Report


The ABC network turns the typical bad stadium connectivity experience on its head. Every one of the 70,000 fans gets a high-speed multimedia experience typically found only in high end home theater systems served by fiber-to-the-home.  Video-over-Wi-Fi to every seat at speeds only Brocade technology can deliver.


There’s also an outstanding smartphone loyalty app (, using Aruba’s Meridian technology, that provides access to event schedules, tickets, parking passes, stadium information, and a host of location based services. 


It all adds up to a mind-blowing experience that will pull fans off their couches and into the stadium in search of gold. And there’s plenty to go around, courtesy of Brocade and Aruba.