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SC14 New Orleans: Customers find Simplified Campus Networking on the Path to SDN

by Prasida Menon ‎11-25-2014 11:22 AM - edited ‎11-26-2014 10:45 AM (4,181 Views)

As the curtain fell at SC14 in New Orleans last week, passersby at Brocade’s booth 2145 heard a huge applause - the 3D Printer Raffle had found its winner. While the rest of us were wrapping up our final day at the SC14, I could not help but ponder on the many fruitful customer discussions and exchange of ideas that made this event such a massive success for attendees and participating vendors.


This year we showcased a wide array of Brocade solutions, while also actively contributing to the SCinet community with Brocade’s routers and switches. All of Brocade’s latest platforms along with our new Brocade Vyatta controller were exhibited to the scientific community demonstrating solutions such as, High-Performance Computing, Software-Defined Networking, Data Privacy and On-Demand Acquisition. Additionally, Brocade also partnered with the Terabit team for their project, the details of which can be read here.


In the area of edge platform switching, we unveiled a new switch platform, the ICX 7450, designed with today’s high performance workloads and security in mind. As the first edge switch to offer a 1G fiber SKU and support for the industry’s new PoH standard for increasing power needs of edge devices, the ICX 7450 garnered a lot of interest in the supercomputing world. Capabilities such as industry leading stacking of up to 12 ICX 7450’s with a single IP management touch point for up to 576 1G ports assured network architects of added simplicity for existing networks. Connecting these powerful edge devices to our high density 1G/40G ICX 7750’s in a distributed chassis model for core scale out networking across the campus received accolades from many existing Brocade Enterprise customers while intriguing others to learn more. The fact that this simplified architecture was also hardware ready for Brocade’s unique SDN hybrid mode support for campus SDN use cases such as QoS and Volumetric Traffic Management was icing on the cake. The Data Privacy demonstration featuring the ICX 6610 support for MACsec was an additional point of interest for passersby. End-to-end security for single or multiple sites with mission-critical data constantly in flight moving between MLXe in the data center core and ICX 6610 at the enterprise edge switches using standards based protocols and no performance overhead was well deemed extremely valuable. In addition the Software Defined Networking demonstration using OpenFlow v1.3, on the ICX 6610 in various campus use cases contributed to the ongoing ubiquitous SDN conversation throughout SC14.


Lost in thought, walking back to my hotel, I was quickly brought back to my surroundings by the sweet aroma of sugary fried beignets – this after all was New Orleans, with the sweetest spot in town being Café Du Monde.