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Campus Networks

Network Admins, Stuck in the Middle

by Simon Pollard on ‎01-14-2013 04:14 PM - last edited on ‎10-23-2014 04:28 PM by (1,068 Views)

I think all IT managers are well aware of the importance the network plays in connecting users to the services and applications they need to access but I’m not sure everyone else has the same understanding.


Like so many elements, such as heat, power and light, that are fundamental to the running of a modern company no-one takes much notice of the network until it fails to deliver,  Unlike those basic services though,  people’s expectations of the network are multi-faceted. And those “people” are not just the users, they are the developers that build the applications and services that businesses rely on. So Network Administrators, to quote Stealers Wheel, find themselves “Stuck in the Middle” between users and application developers who both make very similar assumptions about the network and what it will do for them. The most common assumption is that bandwidth is limitless, there will always be sufficient regardless of the location of the user. It’s a similar story for WiFi coverage, users expect wired-like performance and no gaps in coverage. And of course it’s all cheap and it never fails, ever.


With such high expectations the network needs to be flexible, reliable, cost effective and easy to manage - all things that we at Brocade are focused on when developing the latest innovations in Campus networking. It’s all about solving real problems and reducing complexity,  which are not always things that go hand-in-hand,  but are the things that we’re committed to and our Strategic Solutions Lab pulls all of the key elements together into holistic architectures such as the Campus Base Referencewhich highlights not only the network attributes but the requirements of the devices and services it will need to support.


We’re committed to understanding and delivering solutions that address the complete service requirements of a network so being “Stuck in the Middle with You” means we're in a great position to ensure that, to quote Stealers Wheel again, "Everything Will Turn Out Fine".