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Campus Networks

Is managing your campus environment a high-wire act? IDC White Paper shows how to find the balance you need…

by Dawn.Morris on ‎03-19-2013 04:44 AM (1,030 Views)

Is managing your campus network a bit of a daily headache?  Are you finding you have more not-spots than hot-spots in your wireless coverage? Do you find yourself have to explain (again) just why it is going to take “THAT long” to deploy that application?  The campus environment in many organizations has just not kept up with evolving trends, and the legacy networks are showing their age.  The “fixes” that have been deployed over time often make things worse rather than better, as complexity and cost go up, and overall performance and availability at best stay static.

Learn how to change this dynamic for the better and take charge of your campus environment.  A new white paper from IDC explains what the campus environment has to handle today, and will have to be able to support over the next few years; and why flatter, more automated, agile campus networks are the way forward.

As stated in the paper - Enabling Organizational Agility with New Campus Network Architectures - “The campus network is a vital component of the enterprise network and the primary link through which users’ access applications and network services. Organizations must ensure that they have cost-effective, flexible approaches to their campus network that ensure organizational agility and scalability and are easy to manage”.

Growth in mobility and trends such as BYOD, consumerization of IT, increasing video, UC, client virtualization, private cloud and increased demand for faster deployment of more applications and increased agility are all putting the legacy environment under pressure it can’t take.  At the same time budgets remain constrained and staffing is often an issue - one that gets more intense as the above trends increase workloads.  Having to manage wired and wireless campus networks as separate entities just adds to the challenge, confusion, and cost.

This paper explains how you can adopt the flexibility, simplified deployment, investment protection, automated management, cloud-ready and reliable campus network you need, with Brocade.

To download and/or read the whitepaper, click here: Enabling Organizational Agility with New Campus Network Architectures