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How to Get 40X Performance from your Existing Network Infrastructure

by Jeff Sejourne on ‎03-28-2016 01:49 PM (1,643 Views)

Campus networking has reached a tipping point where legacy Ethernet networks with Gigabit uplinks are struggling to keep up with users’ relentless demands for seamless mobility access to the latest generation applications. IT departments are increasingly challenged to maintain network SLAs on outdated equipment across the campus.


  • Mobility is now ubiquitous: Legacy campus networks are struggling to keep up with the large amount of traffic generated by an ever increasing number of Mobile users connected to the latest generation 802.11ac Wave 1 and the new 802.11ac Wave 2 WI-FI access points.
  • Video Streaming is taxing the network: Video streaming, video conferencing and video surveillance consume a mass amount of bandwidth and is choking the network. IT continues to fight the good fight on a daily basis to maintain network SLAs when these bandwidth hogs are deployed across the existing network.
  • Latency sensitive applications are suffering: When networks are oversubscribed, latency sensitive applications such as access to VDI desktops, real-time web conferencing and voice/video communications are impacted and results is poor user experience and dissatisfied customers.

Oversubscribed networks can’t keep up with today’s applications. Therefore, IT needs to reduce over-subscription across network layers to meet the requirements of the latest generation of applications, and support mobility while delivering an optimal user experience. 1GbE uplinks between network layers are things of the past, 10GbE uplinks deliver some relief but fast-forwarding to 40GbE offers numerous benefits to future proofing your network.


Now you can get 40X the speed from the fiber cable infrastructure you already own. Until recently, upgrading a campus network to 40GbE required upgrading the existing fiber infrastructure and laying down new fiber cable between access, aggregation and core.


Brocade now offers New 40 GbE “Bi-Directional” (BiDi) optics that leverages current infrastructure providing 40G connectivity on a single pair of fiber. This enables you to transition to 40GE without upgrading the existing fiber layout in the building. Since laying down new fiber cable is always the most costly part of a network upgrade, this dramatically reduces the risk of upgrading the campus aggregation and core to 40GbE. By utilizing the same pair of fiber optics currently used for 1GbE uplinks today you can realize a huge cost savings with the new 40GbE BiDi optics and deliver 40X the speed.


This means that with the same 10GbE budget you can now upgrade your network to 40GbE. Since 40GbE technology has matured, the price of implementation costs have come down. Brocade is excited to announce a 36% price reduction on the ICX 7750-26Q 40GbE aggregation switch starting in Jan 2016. In addition, Brocade has created bundles that include all the accessories and options needed to easily deploy a 40G access solution.