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Campus Networks

Bridging the Gap: Customers, campus, and cloud

by Dave.Stevens on ‎01-08-2013 07:51 AM - last edited on ‎10-23-2014 04:36 PM by (1,148 Views)

Welcome to the new blog from Brocade, dedicated to campus networking.




You may wonder why we have launched a blog focused on the edge of the network. The simple answer is that in the constant evolution of IThow we use it, acquire it, access it and rely on itour customers are looking for guidance and information specifically on campus network issues and challenges. The edge user experience trumps all in an application-centric world.


As data centers across the globe benefit from more virtualization and flatter, faster and more resilient and scalable networks, the campus environment has been put under immense pressure.  Although innovation has been rampant in the data center, campus has remained the poor cousin in terms of development, design, and investment.  But with more mobility, more video, more cloud and frankly more everything, the campus network has become a serious bottle-neck for many businesses, preventing growth, killing commercial edge, and impacting productivity.


There is a solution. Innovation has been invested in. Brocade provides customers with automated, flexible, affordable campus solutions, and we do it by cutting the inherent complexity found in most campus environments.  We deliver the mesh design approach and intuitive networking expertise customers have come to expect from the global leader in storage area networking and Ethernet fabrics, through a comprehensive campus portfolio, comprising a range of switches and wireless APs integrated through our HyperEdge technology.


For organizations across the world, Brocade can help customers bridge that gap between business need and technology reality.


I hope you find the blog of use and interest, and I strongly encourage you to comment and post your questions.  The more we can engage in discussion and debate, the better we can resolve the challenges of networking in a cloud era together.