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Being "Ready for Any" Requires Strategic Acquisition

by Debi Raidl ‎09-09-2015 11:00 AM - edited ‎09-10-2015 07:49 AM (5,049 Views)

In his VMworld 2015 keynote address, Pat Gelsinger stated that to dominate in the mobile-cloud era, organizations must be “Ready for Any.” Innovating faster, fully engaging customers, and empowering employees—all while protecting their data from attacks. He stated that there are 3 billion mobile clouds connections today and the rules of the game will change to meet a projected 7+ billion within 5 years.


Afterwards I strolled the aisles at VMworld and talked with vendors to understand their vision for the future. How will things change? How is your solution helping me change?


Everyone had a vision, but deployment of a network with the potential to double access points in the next five years, while maintaining security and navigating ever-changing technology is going to take money and change.


The network is the human connection to information. IT is in the midst of a dramatic shift to the mobile-cloud era, so tell me how private, public and hybrid clouds can communicate from my data center to everything from my laptop or smart phone, to my car and crockpot?

So what do I buy today that will be able to navigate that change? This begs the question, is how you acquire technology as important as what you acquire? After all, to maintain “Ready for Any” agility, you need to decide:

  • If the network does what I need today? Will do what I need next year, and in 2020? At what price?
  • If “open” means everything will really be compatible, even if I add on new functionality or expand my deployment over the next few years?
  • If I can adjust the network when my organization’s goals change?

Today, making sound decisions is both a business and technology conversation. CIOs have become Chief Change Officers, and must remain nimble enough to constantly evaluate both projects and portfolio to ensure alignment with overall business objectives. With so many moving parts, can organizations be agile when they’re saddled with 3-5 year term commitments or depreciation cycles that can inhibit the ability to be “Ready for Any” turn in the road thru 2020?


To compensate, some organizations are outsourcing, based on security concerns others select on premise consumption-based acquisition.


4 years ago, Brocade Network Subscription was announced at VMworld, the first and still only manufacturer supported network-as-a-service acquisition model enabling customers to shift from CapEx to OpEx. Subscribing to a network means you deploy what you need today and change it as technology or business needs dictate. You move from tax or business defined lifecycles to embracing a network architecture that is fluid, changeable, upgradable and secure. With Brocade Network Subscription is acquisition for the New IP, it empowers you can innovate like a startup and deliver like an enterprise.