Campus Networks

Access and applications in a mad, multifarious, mobile world

by svalliap on ‎01-09-2013 05:03 AM (1,037 Views)

So how did you check your emails this morning? Are you a Blackberry user or a dedicated iPhone fan? Do you favor Android or Microsoft smartphones perhaps, or have you gone and got a tablet? Or did you spill toothpaste over your laptop while “multi-tasking” at breakfast time?  And while you were checking your mail, did it occur to you just HOW those emails got to your inbox and the sent ones to your colleagues?  If your honest answer is “no”, you are not alone. And you are probably not a network manager or engineer.


One of the biggest myths in our crazy, hyper-connected, world is that the physical network doesn’t matter anymore.  It seems that because we don’t see any cables or devices, we therefore don’t use any. Nice idea in theory; but as anyone in IT will tell you – very far from reality.  Think about it.  When people suddenly can’t access their email, applications or data or make an old fashioned voice call because they have gone into a tunnel or an elevator  while using a mobile device they say, “oh I’ve lost the signal”.  When they are static and the same thing happens what do we blame? That’s right – the network.  Because the network is critical.  Without it there would be no connection between the access point and the server or cloud service.  Mobile networks can connect you TO the access point; but past that point you are relying on the campus network as surely as you would be if you were sat in the office, cabled up and plugged in.


And as we become increasingly mobile and use more video, as we access more applications via cloud, and as we become less predictable in our demands on that network, the campus network is showing the strain in most organizations.  Complex, costly and time consuming to maintain, the campus is also not a straight forward fix; adding more units does not solve the problem, it just makes it more complicated, costly and time-consuming.


It is the simple ambition of the team here to change that.  To change the campus game.  To provide solutions that makes things simpler, more flexible, less time-consuming, and sane.  I hope you check in regularly as we touch on all these issues and the potential to drive enormous business change and positive transition through technology solutions, and please share your questions and queries.