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What do you think about our course naming conventions?

Most of our course names are associated with the certifications they represent:

  • CFA200 Brocade Certified Fabric Administrator (BCFA) 16 Gbps Traininng is our 16 Gbps Core administration course
  • CNE200 Brocade Certified Network Engineer (BCNE) Training is our core switch and router administration course

Courses that are not associated with certifications are given course codes that we hope represent what is taught (e.g. ADX-TS300 Brocade ServerIron ADX Layer 4 - 7 Troubleshooting (TS) or BGP400)

The levels (100, 200, 300, 400) for all courses created after 2010 are associated with the courses level of difficulty:

  • 100 courses are typically web-based eLearning product training or very basic protocol training
  • 200 courses are administration
  • 300 courses are advanced administration
  • 400 courses are advanced and specialty courses (e.g. BGP400)

Thanks ahead of time for your feedback!

Sue Wilson

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