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Brocade University

Two New Certification Exams to Release on March 11, 2016

by Rob Buergisser on ‎03-10-2016 12:57 PM (3,115 Views)

These are the first two technical certification exams in the updated best-in-class Brocade Certification Program.


The updated program is streamlined and aligned to Brocade technology areas, with clearly defined certification tracks organized by job role and proficiency level. This structure ensures that individuals learn the skills that are most relevant to their job.


The updated certification program was designed based on the results of a series of workshops from various Brocade stakeholders and will be delivered in a phased approach through the remainder of 2016 and into early 2017. New systems are being implemented for ease of exam development and management. Processes are being updated to improve exam security and protect Brocade intellectual property.


Check the Certification Community page and the Education FAQs for the most current information. Click here for the BPIPA and NIP FAQ.


For questions about the Brocade Certification Program email