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RAS Log Message: LIC-5200

Working with a customer's Brocade 6520, FOS v7.4.1d.   In the RAS log is repeated messages for LOG-5000 and 5003 referring to LIC-5200 every 2 minutes.  The messages are rated informational.  The LOG-5003 is stating Licence database timestamp updated.

The messages repeate over and over.  Nothing found in release notes.   


Any one see this before??


2017/11/01-13:20:56:932568, [LIC-5200], 4819102/0, FID 128, INFO, VA_SANBACK_BLUE_01, License database timestamp updated. , io.c, line: 679, comp:md, ltime:2017/11/01-13:20:56:931114


2017/11/01-13:20:57:133933, [LOG-5000], 4819151/0, FID 128, INFO, VA_SANBACK_BLUE_01, Previous message repeat 49 time(s), io.c, line: 679, comp:md, ltime:2017/11/01-13:20:57:125342


2017/11/01-13:20:57:133998, [LOG-5003], 4819152/0, FID 128, INFO, VA_SANBACK_BLUE_01, Log message LIC-5200 flooding detected and blocked., io.c, line: 679, comp:md, ltime:2017/11/01-13:20:57:132727


2017/11/01-13:22:57:004550, [LOG-5009], 4819154/0, CHASSIS, WARNING, Brocade6520, Log message LIC-5200 has been re-enabled after 120 secs., rlmc.c, line: 731, comp:mdd0, ltime:2017/11/01-13:20



Licenseshow with keys removed from view

licenseshow        :
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx: <-- i removed actual key from forum's view
    Full Ports on Demand license - additional 48 port upgrade license
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx: <--i removed actual key from forum's view
    Extended Fabric license
    Fabric Watch license
    Performance Monitor license
    Trunking license
    Fabric Vision license


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Re: RAS Log Message: LIC-5200



when repeated LIC-5200 messages start to occur?

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