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Need to know how to do LACP in brocade MLX-e

My company is using brocade MLX-e router with two WAN links connect to same ISP. Each link is using diffrent speed that is 500Mb and 1Gb. My question is does MLX-e can do LACP for two diffrent speed? and if yes how is the configuration?


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Re: Need to know how to do LACP in brocade MLX-e

Hi Razimah, the consensus from our team is that a single LAG cannot manage two different speeds, however it may be possible to create two LAGs each with their own speed; in your case one LAG at 500MB, and the other at 1G.

Also, you may find a faster response in future by reposting in the Product forums instead of the Education forum. We typical answer questions related to courses and certifications here.

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