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Brocade University

Meet Tae Kim, the First BCNE from our Academic Program

by on ‎08-06-2012 09:36 AM (832 Views)

I would like to introduce Tae Kim, a student at Ohlone College, in California. Ohlone participates in one aspect of our Academic Program. Students who are going through Ohlone's Cisco Academy, have the opportunity, for free, to take our CNE 250 Preparing Cisco Certified Professionals for the BCNE exam class. Tae took the class, and spent about 3-4 hours/week for five weeks, studying, and became the first person from this program to become a Brocade Certified Network Engineer.. He has been studying networking in general for about 3 years. He already has a four-year degree, and is seeking an additional Associates Degree in Networking. He has earned Cisco's CCNA and CCNP certifications. Tae said he also used the Nutshell guide, and found it very useful. His training at Ohlone College gave him a good networking foundation in his own words, and our CNE 250 class provided him a good refresher and overview of Brocade products. He wishes to thank his instructor at Ohlone, Brocade University's own Wallace Wong, for teaching him well. We also wish to thank Wallace for helping complete the agreement with Ohlone to make this program a reality.


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