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I need some help with MPLS VPLS issue

Hello, community, we need some help with an vpls issue. My english is not to good but i going to try to explain the problem we have.


Ok actually, we implement a network infraesture with Brocade and Foundry equipments. The equipments in the edges of network are borcade and can handle MPLS and VPLS, but the equipments in the middle are Foundry so they can´t handle MPLS.


To implement MPLS in the equipments of the edge, we configure a L2 vlan to comunicate the brocade routers using as transport the Foundry equipments and this it work, we manage the network to talk MPLS in both ends, but after that we have a new problem. When we are transfering traffic to one side to the other of Brocade Routers the communication is excellent until 5000 packets of data, if we try to transfer 6000 packets for example the communication it lost.


We are reviewing the configuration and not find somethin wrong, could somebody help us with this particular issue.


Thanks in advance for the help that you can give us.


Best Regards.

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Re: I need some help with MPLS VPLS issue

See this post is old, did you ever get a resolution?

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