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Here's The Scoop on "Guaranteed Training"

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Guaranteed Brocade Training


What does it mean to guarantee a class? Typically, when training providers offer dates for a course, they are subject to change based upon the number of people who sign up for the class. When a class is "guaranteed to run" (sometimes referred to as GTR), the class is guaranteed to be taught regardless of the number of people who register.


This is important for many people because it takes away the risk that they might register for a class that will get cancelled after they had already made arrangements to take time off work or booked travel.


Brocade University's Authorized Training Partners offer GTR classes all over the world in both virtual classroom environments (accessible from anywhere in the world) or on-site, led by certified Brocade instructors.



So the next time you go to register for a class, check to see if it's Guaranteed To Run. It's like a little insurance policy for your training investment.


If you have questions about a particular offering, feel free to reach out to your education support team at


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