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Error messages FW-1436 and FW-1424 in my Brocade logs

Hi All,

I have got an alert from my IBM DS storage stating Logical Drive is not through the preferred path later was able to see error messages in my Brocade switch event logs with message ID's FW-1436 and FW-1424. Please help me to confirm what went wrong??



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Re: Error messages FW-1436 and FW-1424 in my Brocade logs


here message reference guide:

- (message 1436)how i coul see you should cheack failed sfp modules.

Recommended Action

Replace the faulty or deteriorating small form-factor pluggable (SFP). Execute the fwportdetailshow

command to know the reason for marginal ports.

- (message 1424) if your health policy triggered then this message appear. You should resolve question with first message than i think second message disappear.

Recommended Action

Run the switchStatusShow command to determine the policy violation.

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