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Brocade University

Brocade University Training Units

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Training Units are an alternate method of payment for Brocade University classes. They enable the purchase of blocks of training which serve three purposes:


  1. Allows our end users to receive discounted pricing based upon the volume of training purchased.
  2. Allows an automated approach for our partners/OEMs to resell seats in our public courses
  3. Allows for the easy inclusion of Education in a deal when it is uncertain as to what training is needed at the point of sale


Each Training Unit is worth $100 of training for Brocade University offered courses, the actual amount paid for the unit depends on the discounting applied (see below).  Here are some guidelines which will help determine how many Training Units need to be purchased:


ScreenHunter_525 Oct. 29 18.53.jpg


Training units may also be used to pay for on-site courses.  Please contact Brocade University to obtain a quote( For more information read our FAQs.



ScreenHunter_526 Oct. 29 18.53.jpg