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Brocade 5480 switch Error

Hello All,


We have a brocade SAN switch , Model 5480. Today morning we got the Alert as


Mon Sep 29 2014 09:17:31 BST Critical S0,C0: Internal monitoring has identified suspect hardware, blade may need to be reset or replaced: fau1:0x4, fau2:0x64 th2:0x Chassis 8594 1 C2-1010"


I am unable to trace what exactly the issue.


Now switch status shows Helathy, can any one give a light on this and share your comments & resolution tips.





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Re: Brocade 5480 switch Error

Brocade suggested workaround is, to set the slot in poweroff and the power on.


however since you have a embedded blade Switch, is necessary to set the switch in disable, remove and then reinsert in the slot.


such operation - no matter if the error happean on Slot Class Directors or in this case Embedded Blade - is disruptive, and required a planned maintenance window.


If the error persist, is suggested to open a call with they OEM and procede with replacement.


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