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About Brocade 300 FC

Hi community,

I have to deploy 2 brocade 300FC. Right now i have any experience about the FC switch.

Can you assist me step by step for the configuration.?


Description of the project:

The infrastructure is composited:

  • 2 switch Brocade 300 FC/ 8ports
  • 1 SAN: DELL Powervault MD3
  • 1 NAS: DELL Powervault NX3300
  • 2 servers: DELL PowerEdge
  • VMWare for the virtualization

The both server connected, the SAN and the NAS will be configured on the 2 switch Brocade.


Have you an example config for the brocade?


Best regards,




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Re: About Brocade 300 FC



first at all you must made some basic switch configuration,

assign IP Addr, by default the Ip is


to change the IP Address, from command prompt with the command Ipaddrset" can you assign the Management IP.

now you must assign Switch Domain ID, by default all switch have domain ID 1 - I would suggest independent if you want to use both switch as Single Fabric - Fabric is TWO or more Switch connect via ISL= Inter Switch Link - to assign different Domain ID.


to do this, you must set the switch to disable, with command



then with command "configure" you get the diverse option, select here the first with y, yes, and set the DID to another Value i.e. 2


now, answer all other opition with no, and finally set the switch again from command prompt to enable with the command "switchenable"


I would suggest to create a DUAL Fabric.


next step, you must create a config, the config must contained zone and alias.


This is really very simple, I suggest for some details to refer both, FOS Command Guide and the FOS Admin Gude.






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