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Meet Brocade University

by on ‎11-27-2012 06:25 AM (438 Views)


Brocade University is an industry leader in technical training, providing organizations with the knowledge and skills their IT staffs need to optimize their technology investments. Brocade University enables success by providing best-in-class training and education services, and skills validation through our certification program. The benefits of Brocade training are clear:


Highly respected - Brocade University training and certification is highly regarded within the industry as some of the most valuable and effective technical content available.


Anytime, anywhere training - Brocade University offers a blend of traditional classroom instruction, Web-based modules, virtual training, and hands-on labs creating a rich learning environment worldwide.


Time and cost savings - Brocade University Training Units take the complexity out of training. This approach to volume purchasing helps organizations save money as they buy more training.


Improved job performance - As indicated by the 2012 Brocade Certification Survey

  • 91 percent of respondents said Brocade certification and training improves their on-the-job performance
  • 68 percent of respondents said as a result of Brocade certification and training, they now only need to call technical support about higher-level issues


Visit the Brocade University page on the web for more details about our classes, curriculum paths or general information, or watch this video.

  • Visit our course schedule for a look at upcoming offerings
  • e-mail us, or in North America call (866) 384-8254 or International +1 (408) 333-5036

Visit the Certification page to get details about the program offerings and rules or e-mail the program directly