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MWC15: Demonstration

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Evolving the Customer Edge with the New IP

What if the network had no edge? It doesn't have to.

We'll demonstrate a before-and-after of the services typically delivered in the CPE and how they migrate to a virtual service in the network. See highly scalable vCE deployment on COTS with multiple distinct network functions dedicated per tenant. Learn how high performance vCEs drive increased utilization, reduced footprint and management overhead.

Mobile Network Visibility and Analytics for New IP

What if you had end-to-end visibility of your mobile network in real-time?
You can.

Learn about Brocade's Network Visibility Analytics (NVA) architecture based on high density packet broker and Vistapointe analytics orchestrated with Open Daylight and Openstack. Watch roaming subscriber analytics across application and platform usage with the Vistapointe UI. Experience how Vistapointe in combination with a Brocade packet broker can greatly increase the efficiency with the analytics tools by feeding them only the information they need to consume. Additonally, Vistapointe can be used to create an Analytics based policy framework.

Delivering On-Demand Services for the SGi-LAN
with New IP

What if you could deliver network services On-Demand at the touch of a button?
You can.

Experience how agility is achieved through dynamic service chaining of network functions in the SGi-LAN, and orchestrated with Open Daylight and OpenStack dynamic instantiating and configuration of NFV instances on the SGi-LAN. Experience a demonstration of vRouter deployment with HOT (Openstack Heat Orchestration Templates.)

Practical Steps to deploy the NFV & SDN

What if you had end-to-end visibility of your mobile network in real-time?
You can.

We'll show you the practical steps from today's network to the next generation design based on the new IP. With Path Explorer we will show existing support for Open Daylight on Brocade's routers & switches as a foundation for future services. We'll demonstrate Volumetric Traffic Management (VTM) to mitigate an ongoing denial of service attack as an example of an advanced new service created when combining Open Daylight, Analytics and policy-driven actions through open APIs.

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